>Tie Dye, Oh My!

>Nothing like some good ol tie-dye remind me Spring/Summer is here. I mean seriously, When do you see tie dye in Winter? Anywho… There’s something special about tie-dye that brings me back to hippie cultures I’ve only experienced through movies… It’s almost appropriate to be lounging up against a tree somewhere with a good book appreciating nature OR I could just be partying somewhere on a tour bus with some rad individuals Hmmm decisions, decisions…

Wearing: H&M shorts and hat, Gifted top from Japan, Joe’s Jeans wedges from shopbop, Gifted Ravishing Jewelry necklace.

For my make-up here I went with the strong eyes/simple lip look. My shadow is from Urban Decay and I’m using a Loreal gel eyeliner. The lip color is “Provocative Nude” by Rimmel London.

Bambi was just chillen in the back. My mini partner in crime.

What article of clothing or trend makes you feel like summer is here? I’m looking forward to seeing Converse and Toms floating around in massive quantities. Also, Effortless looking yet gorgeous ensembles. I think when an outfit doesn’t seem so planned it’s refreshing. I like to think of it like… Care-free fashion season, As oppossed to more constructed Fall wardrobes in NYC.


Xo Nubia Xo

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