>Hush, Hush

>Yesterday was my Mother’s birthday. Yay! Happy Birthday sweet lady you rock my world. She’s such an adorable woman with SUCH a positive energy about her even at the gloomiest times, I’m very jealous of that quality and wish to obtain it one day. We had a nice day.

I wore this Forever 21 dress I purchased earlier this year sort of as a long top. I love leopard as so many of my fashionable friends do. Combat boots, bowler hat, cool skinnys, Lennon shades and BAM there you go.

I am absolutely SMITTEN with this cross. This picture does it no justice, I assure you. It was a gift and I’m in the process of finding some cool sort of velvet choker for it.
Above was the mini inspiration board I made at the party I went to with my girlfriend over the weekend. It was pretty dope. I heard really cool music, freestylin, spoken word, live art.. In other words… GOOD TIMES. I didn’t take much pictures but I’ll try to dig some up later this week.
Toodles my loves.

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Fashion is Rad and so am I.
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