>The W

>Today I went to the W Hotel to attend a networking event hosted by Guess. I went to the event with Mary from gla.MAR.ous and my friend Shez, owner of the lovely DEEN boutique. I didn’t take my camera to the event womp womp, however I may see some pictures later this week that awesome, friendly people from Guess took.

I was able to get a few outfit snaps before I left.

Wearing: H&M shorts, Clog inspired wedges from Colombia, Forever 21 V neck, Loop Purse

Most People I know really dislike these shoes, but I wear them anyway because I like them!

The event was very well put together. I met so many people from Guess that I couldn’t keep track(California, Manhattan, Upstate, etc). There was food and drinks and chit chat and everyone was really lovely, I can’t say anything negative. They had a few giveaways for some gift cards but I didn’t win any (booooo!) It’s okay though because SURPRISE! The gift bags they gave where really cute.
Here in my hands I have a notebook, coffee thermos, a candle, tweezers in a cute little case, and oil absorbing sheets.
It was nice to see my friends and meet new people so I’m glad I went.

On a really REALLY random note… isn’t this the freaking cutest!

I actually just finished reading this book(which I highly recommend) and I snapped this shot a week ago. One of my doggies was sleeping next to it and I think I woke her up by taking the picture ha ha.

Toodles Dolls

*I was in no way compensated to write about Guess


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