>Won’t you take me to Funky Town


Hey Everyone,

I have been feeling rather guilty recently. I’d like to apologize for not posting as much as I usually do. I was overwhelmed with moving around so much. I hate staying still in one place for too long its just one of those things about me. I love mini one or two day trips. They are mostly spontaneous and very fun.

I’m sort of bummed out today I was suppose to go to Atlantic City to party and gamble a little but all these snow storm threats really RUINED my plans so I just re booked. My Birthday was 2 days ago February 3rd =). I spent a few days in Foxwoods CT with my boyfriend, saying it was an amazing time is selling it short. He gave me the best birthday present also, well sorta. He provided me with the money to go buy my SLR!! He didn’t want to get it himself, he wanted me to choose (I’m picky) So I will go Canon hunting tomorrow most likely (joy joy joy!) whoever came up with the phrase “A picture is worth a thousand words” was pretty brilliant. Photography captures moments that we tend to easily forget.

I am posting some pictures I took in the Dominican Republic before I left. I have an amazing father, he worries about me all the time but I couldn’t ask for a better one. I feel blessed to have him.

Starting Monday I will be back to blogging hard! I have great aspirations for Nubia’s Nonsense in 2010 so I hope you all stay tuned. Fashion Week is around the corner and I will be covering some amazing Street Style Photos with my new SLR =)

I hope you are all doing well ..

Peace and Love … Nubia

Wearing H&M Cardigan, Top Shop Skirt, Alice and Olivia wedges, Misc ruffled top

Wearing vintage blazer handed down my mother, Forever 21 polka dot top, DPN military boots, Sunglasses won on eBay


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Fashion is Rad and so am I.
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27 Responses to >Won’t you take me to Funky Town

  1. Glendy says:

    >The first top and skirt are simply adorable! Love your outfits girl.Much love always,Glendy

  2. Sherin says:

    >Hope you had a wonderful Birthday! I love your first outfit. You look so pretty in it.

  3. Diane says:

    >happy belated birthday!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Leia says:

    >Nubia, you shouldn't feel guilty for not posting, it's your blog after all and you can do what you like!! :)That first outfit is probably my favorite out of all the ones you've ever posted (I feel like I say this to you a lot… but seriously, I love it :P)Also belated happy birthday!!!!

  5. Sweety P says:

    >Happy Belated Birthday! You look pretty in all your photos!

  6. >Happy, Happy Belated Birthday, Nubia! I can't wait to see the photographs you take with your new camera!Loving the necklace you're wearing in the first few pictures; and that pink blazer reminds me ever so much of "Miami Vice." You look amazing!! 🙂

  7. Molly Rose says:

    >ha ha, snow…. I live on the east coast, and we're getting hit with it right now, fun!Happy belated birthday, though, and i hope you get to make up your trip once it all blows over.

  8. Anna G says:

    >Don't feel bad. Happy birthday. I hope you find a camera faster than I can.

  9. indira says:

    >FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS!! :Dlos zapatos blancos de la primera foto me encantan!

  10. >love the outfits. so colorful and bright!! great blogcheck out- thesocialcode.tumblr.com

  11. Kristin says:

    >Gorgeous photos. That hot pink blazer is too fab. WAY jealous of your new SLR!

  12. >Happy birthday, beautiful! I am sorry you are feeling kind of down lately. I hope things get better for you soon. :)These photos and outfits are gorgeous. Pink is definitely your color. You look stunning.

  13. piglet says:

    >I'm in love with the first look, so very pretty!And happy belated birthday xxx

  14. WendyB says:

    >Happy birthday! A little late.

  15. janettaylor says:

    >So pretty!P.S.: ♥Please don't forget to join the Gemmerson giveaway!♥Good luck!♥

  16. >Love your look! That skirt is fabulous!xoxox,CC

  17. >thanks for the sweet comments and the b day wishes =)

  18. kirstyb says:

    >Hope u had a fab bday xxxxx

  19. >Happy Bday!!Love your outfits! Especially your shoes and skirt on the first one and that fabolours pink blazer from the second outfit!

  20. Emily says:

    >oh my gosh i love that skirt! and the white shoes are incredible!xx

  21. FashionJazz says:

    >Omg, I cant believe I missed ur bday babe!! Hope u had a fabulous time! Sorry to hear about ur other plans, I am luving these outfits!!! Mwah xxx

  22. Emilie says:

    >The skirt is adorable! And I love the pink blazer!

  23. Damsels says:

    >love those white platform sandals! sorry tohear your plans were ruined .at least you rebooked. i think i have a stomach virus too bad i wont get to see my favorite band play tonight . no rebooking for that 😦

  24. >Absolutely loving the bright pink jacket, and it simply looks amazing on youxxFashionCloud

  25. ~kristie~ says:

    >need those black and white oxford shoes you have in the last pics!!!

  26. MissNeira says:

    >Happy birthday!and those platform heels are super gorgeous!

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