>Laughing all the way HA, HA, HA!

>Hello All =)

I hope everyone is doing swell and getting in the holiday spirit, I know I’m trying my best.

Check out this cool hat I found while browsing through old winter Accessories. It’s actually one of those Hat/Scarf combos but I tied the scarf part to the back. So I took a few quick outfit pictures to share with you all before I go on with my day.

I love my new wedge booties from Forever 21, they are horrible comfortable. I think I’ve developed a mini phase for changing shoe laces and playing with colors, I use to do it when I was younger also so it’s sort of odd for me now.

Wearing Vintage Hat, Forever 21 white tee, Forever 21 wedge booties(with white laces), Almost Famous Jeans, Charlotte Russe cropped cardigan, thrifted belt, gla.MAR.ous Zipper headband as bracelet.

My household isn’t big on Christmas trees but I decorated this mini one, I usually stick to less colors but I was feeling fruity I suppose ha ha.

And lastly I been thinking of these bad boys a lot lately. Available at Pat Fields for a great price, they might have to make there way on my Christmas list.

Whats on your Christmas list? Enjoy your day!

Xo Nubia xO


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Fashion is Rad and so am I.
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44 Responses to >Laughing all the way HA, HA, HA!

  1. ~kristie~ says:

    >def. get those shoes! too cute…nice tree by the waywww.thesocietyofstyle.com

  2. Anna G says:

    >I love your shoes, both the ones you got and the the ones you want. You have such great taste.

  3. Giovanna ♥ says:

    >Love your photos! You look super cute! I especially love your picture on the window!Thanks for visiting, I love reading your posts!BesosGiovanna

  4. Sherin says:

    >Firstly, your Christmas tree looks great! And I love your outfit. The hat is super cool and the shoes are gorgeous.

  5. >THOSE FOREVER21 BOOTS ARE AMAZING. i've never seen anything like 'em 🙂 love your casual yet chic look.xo.princesspolitico

  6. Melissa~ says:

    >Cool hat and shoes.Thanks for your comment!!

  7. ediot says:

    >lookin so charming in the first photo. nice make-up. i just bought christmas tea today. thats always a joy. the best tea ever…and ive started the shopping too.. have you bought many christmas presents? have a great week. xx ediot

  8. piglet says:

    >Oooh your make up looks so pretty in the first photo.And I just love your colourful tree, it reminds me of our childhood ones!

  9. Niki B. says:

    >love the hat! i've been looking for a russian style fur hat. and i say buy those pat fields shoes, i think you can pull them off!xo Nikihttp://ahautemess.blogspot.com

  10. Nubia says:

    >Thanks for your comments, Kristie: I am very tempted to get the pat fields lolDiane: thanks!Anna G: thats very sweet of you, you have a very cute style as well.Giovanna: Thanks for saying you love reading, makes me want to write more =)Sherin: Thanks for liking my tree haha might not be the biggest but I did it with love n_nPrincess Politico: Me and those Forever 21 boots were love at first sightMelissa: Thanks Ediot: Thanks, I have to do a make up video soon, I havent started shopping yet, I will this Sunday =)Piglet: thanks doll I'll try to do a makeup video soonNiki B. : Thanks, I love the hat aswell, It was in some old winter stuff, I would have to guess it was my mothers once upon a time

  11. Midtown Girl says:

    >No haha's here!! You look so adorable and what great find with those Patricia Field shoes – knuckle heels – hell yes!I have my eyes on a pair of campbell wedges – are his shoes usually comfy? bc the ones i want are fabulous!

  12. syd vicious says:

    >Aww, cute Christmas tree! Lovin' your hat a lot!

  13. Valencia Lia says:

    >Love love your furry hat and those wedges are gorgeous !! I need to get one for myself too,I know they're so comfortable:)Looking stunning as always,love your eye makeup. Also,the Christmas tree you decorated is stunning! I love it so much.The heels on your wishlist is beautiful,do hope you'll get it ❤

  14. bijoubijou says:

    >I like your outfit! cute blog ~ thanks for stopping by mine xxbijousstyle.blogspot.com

  15. Diane says:

    >Oh, I'm so into the Christmas spirit ! Can't wait to decorate my tree, it will be pink and purple this year haha :PLove the shoes, they're worth a sacrifice ;)kiss, thanks for commenting on my blog! I'll be following yours from now on, I like it :Ddianefreedom.blogspot.com

  16. FashionJazz says:

    >I so luv ur hat, goes so well with ur outfit and those heels are divine!!!!!!!!! : ) xxx

  17. >oh i loe your hat i have been lookinh for a similar one too!Great outfit!And awesome post title i love when everyone strats playing the christmas music !

  18. yiqin; says:

    >Love the belt 🙂

  19. cindy says:

    >Hi!Thanks for stopping by and your nice comment – greatly appreciated!Love your hat in these photos – very chic.

  20. FabBlab says:

    >Damn, I love your cap and those freakin amazing Pat Fields shoes.

  21. Taryn Andre says:

    >i love the hat…dont you just love finding old things that you forgot you had?

  22. >First, I have to say…your makeup is amazing! I think you need to be a makeup artist because you are supremely talented.Second…I can't believe those wedge booties are from Forever 21. I want! Your entire ensemble is gorgeous (I really want that hat!).I need to decorate my Christmas tree – I love all the color in yours. I'm not usually one for tons of color on my tree either, but sometimes you need a change! 🙂

  23. Tayler says:

    >Love the hat! bighairandbikinis.blogspot.com

  24. Posh says:

    >You look gorgeous, great make-up!Thank you so much for stopping by!posh-dailystyle.blogspot.com

  25. Ashley says:

    >Your eye makeup is v. cool! i'm def. in the holiday spirit too!http://fashionroadkill-halifax.blogspot.com

  26. Kierra says:

    >hiya!firstly, thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting on my Christian Louboutin book post, I really appreciate it. secondly, great call with the white laces – the contrast is great.http://franklyidogiveadamn.blogspot.com/

  27. Niviarsiaq says:

    >cool hat! it looks so great on you!! We haven't got our tree yet but I can't wait until we do. yours is so pretty 🙂

  28. >that hat is so way cool, i want one.i dont think i can look as cool as you do with it on thoughxo!!!

  29. mom & son says:

    >i like your make up and the hat is eye-catchy!the christmas tree adds more colors to your home sweet home!

  30. clarewbrown says:

    >Oh my word, it was so amazing to meet you tonight! You are just as gorgeous in person as you are in these marvelous photos on your blog!

  31. Savvy Gal says:

    >you look adorable! xoxo

  32. Kristin says:

    >I loooooooove the pink lips. And your tree is fabulous!

  33. dotie says:

    >the hat = awesomeness <3<3<3http://eclecticdujour.blogspot.com/

  34. michelle_ says:

    >i have no comment about ur outfit !its simply perfect !love the eye makeup too !and the shoes on the last pic has got awesome heels !thanks for your comment on the blog giveaway 😀 I've got a new blog post up !SCARF GIVEAWAY STILL ON . CLICK TO JOINvisit / follow / and comment me .xoxo . Glisters & Blisters

  35. Glendy says:

    >That toque hat is Fab!!! I am a HUGE hat lover, maybe we should do a vintage hat or faux-fur hat party lol. Thanks so much for the b-day wishes and I hope you are having a wonderful holiday season with your family and loved ones :)Much love always,Glendy ❤

  36. >You looks lovely with the hat!and the shoes are beautiful!!xx

  37. >Thanks for the sweetness!!

  38. >So glad to meet your gorgeous self! I loved your entire look…the headband and lipstick…GORGEOUS! Can't wait to party again with the NYC blogger crowd!

  39. Gabbi says:

    >Looks like such fun dear Nubia! I adore our dress and hair band… ♥

  40. La Mimi says:

    >Awww… you look so festive! Love the dress and the shoes:) super!xxMimi

  41. nookie says:

    >love your coat!

  42. Gerri Ward says:

    >OMG! YOU look GORGEOUS! I LUV your soles, they're solely FABULOUS!:))xoxox,Gerri

  43. >I'm like a giddy infant at this time of year.. Christmas is such a fantastical time for me:) I hope it is for you too! Your shoes are hot hot hot!

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