>Drive My Soul


You all have to excuse me, I love blogging but I’ve been all over the place lately. Over the weekend I went to Philadelphia.

I went to check out some stores and stopped by the Canadian singer “Lights” show. I really enjoy her music its awesome synthesized pop. If you haven’t you should check it out.

I felt like being really comfortable, so I wore Cowboy boots purchased from a boutique near my home , A plaid shirt and a skirt which were a gift, knee highs from Forever 21, some DIY ripped stockings, Belt from Strawberry’s, Purse from Beverley Boutique.

I was dying to take this specific picture but couldn’t get it so I’m going to describe it to you. I saw six people all next to each other and they weren’t even all together, they all had skinny jeans with keys hanging from the side. Seriously is this a new trend? I haven’t been to a show in a while maybe its music attire? I kept seeing it all around the venue. There was a nice crowd as well.

I had a really nice time and enjoyed some drinks with my girlfriends. I will be blogging more after this week I promise!!! I have so much I want to share. Here is one of my Favorite Lights songs “You Drive My Soul” Enjoy!


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41 Responses to >Drive My Soul

  1. Midtown Girl says:

    >I've seen that look all over Philly too when I used to date this one douche..whoops I mean dude. You look cute as pie doll – ps, loving the cowboys boots!!XOXOAmy

  2. Valencia Lia says:

    >Awwww man,a concert !!! It must be super awesome and everyone was dancing around:) And I love the song you put up by Lights. A really good tune<3 <3Perfect outfit you have all set to rock and roll:)Beautiful oversized sunnies and I love love your plaid shirt with the ruffle skirt !Ohhhh and you have really long legs ! Love the layering with the ripped tights with those socks and boots<3

  3. >super cute shirt and skirt and shoes and, well everything!xoxtanya

  4. Sherin says:

    >I love your whole outfit, especially that plaid top. About your tights: did you do them yourself? They look great. I have pairs that are slightly ripped and don't have the heart to throw them away: I might have to try this. Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. Jacqueline says:

    >I really like this outfit on you. It is too cute. One of my favorites! I am liking the plaid top.www.fashionsnag.com

  6. >Looks like you had a fabulous weekend! I adore Philadelphia! You look so beautiful in those sunglasses. You entire outfit is fab. I especially love the shirt, tights, and boots. You never fail to impress!

  7. >I like this nouveau cowboy look on you 🙂 And Philly is so fun! I have developed a new appreciation for it, since the Mr. did his undergrad and grad work there. We often take weekend trips to hang out!

  8. Elizabeth says:

    >I love your outfit!my favorite picture is the one with the blackberry. too cute.

  9. Etrapar says:

    >Nice skirt, I also have one but I'd never wear it with cowboy boots, now maybe I'll try it! ^.^kisses

  10. Gabbi says:

    >Gorgeous outfit and I really like Lights! Thank you for introducing… adding to my library today!

  11. >So fun, darling! Love your look, especially those tights! Your hair is incredible, btw!xoxox,CC

  12. Ela says:

    >I love your sunnies hon! Seriously, I am IN LOVE with them. Glad you had a fabulous time at the concert – yay for Cdn musicians :)Thank you for your sweet words, hon. You are too sweet!xx

  13. Anna says:

    >I love the skirt so much (: Very cute! & I wore cowboy boots today to school, they're so cute and comfortable. Definitely a novelty here in New York (I got mine in Oklahoma! )

  14. Anna G says:

    >I miss going to concerts. I haven't gone to one in forever. The crowds are super cool.

  15. >I so adore these pictures. You have absolutely impeccable style – everything you wear is amazing. Glad you had a good time! 🙂

  16. Kristin says:

    >Love the boots! And your hair wow. Can't say I've seen the key thing. Hmmmmmmm

  17. Eyeliah says:

    >I have been debating that show as she comes her next month, plus my hubby likes her. Philly would be a fun trip too!

  18. >That is such an adorable outfit! New reader, but I like what I see ;).

  19. Piglet says:

    >I really love those sunglasses!

  20. Giovanna ♥ says:

    >I soo love your look!!The boots are super cute!xoxoGiovannahttp://www.bohomarket.blogspot.com

  21. mom & son says:

    >your outfit is just so gorgeous!i adore the ripped off stockings!good job on the DIY!http://momfashionworld.blogspot.com/

  22. Chessa! says:

    >I love this! I'm obsessed with cowboy boots. I don't know why I ever got rid of mine.

  23. Patty Ann says:

    >totally LOVE those stockingsgreat outfit!!!xxxEnter My Giveaway

  24. musie says:

    >Love the knee-highs over the ripped stockings. Great combo.

  25. UnoCosa says:

    >thank you so much for the lovely wish 🙂 and it sounded that you had a fantastic weekend! the part about the skinny jean with chain was really funny – i could not stop being amazing how trend affect people – i think it is a great example!!! and yes, love what you wore – very casually chic, xoxo

  26. fashion doll says:

    >i really like ur blog!!im goning to follow u okay please can u visit my blog if u want suscribe xoxo pd: where are u from????

  27. Martynique says:

    >I like these shoes!!

  28. Niviarsiaq says:

    >lovin those boots and shirt! it's like a twist on the cowgirl look :)I've never heard of that artist before but that song is really pretty!!

  29. >I am digging those boots and your Farah 'do!

  30. >You look great! Lovely outfit! =)

  31. syd vicious says:

    >Cowboy boots are so comfy and cute! I love your skirt too. 🙂

  32. Sweety P says:

    >Love the outfit! Love your style!

  33. >Way to rock the cowgirl look Philly-style. You look adorable! And so familiar, got your comment and can't decide if I recognize you from blog/fashion events or I think perhaps we worked in the same building 😉

  34. beckyxoxo says:

    >arrgghh i want to go to a concert ! been thinking to go to lenka's , but my parents said no 😦 seems you had so much fun ! and i super love your outfit , the photos are great ! haha .oh btw i just received the headband . thank you so much nubia ! i will post it on my blog soon 😀 and i've put your blog on my blog roll !

  35. >Lovely, lovely outfit!!You looks gorgeous! love all, the skirt, shirt and boots!xx

  36. E says:

    >Wow! I'm loving the socks layered over the tights! I'm going to have to try that!

  37. >You look so gorg…your hair is amazing btw I your curls are perfect…frizz takes over my curls so much.

  38. >What a daring outfit – those ripped stockings especially. My respects for having the guts to go out 'so fashiony'.

  39. fhen says:

    >i loove your outfit like totally!philadelphia looks awesome tooxoxo,fhen

  40. Grace says:

    >Thanks for your sweet comment.;]Oh, you are one pretty lady – and your boyfriend's adorable as well!:]<3 Grace.

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