>Head Over Heels


I’m going out to dinner with a few girlfriends tonight and wanted to make this post before I leave.

Wearing gla.MAR.ous Zipper Headband, Miley/Max Azria leggings, Alice and Olivia Heels, New York and Company purse, and a long hoodie from a random boutique

I’m not sure If all of you watch Gossip Girl But when Dan told Blair to lose the headband in this week’s episode he was TOTALLY OFF! I personally feel and I’m sure most of you can agree that a headband or any sort of head apparel can make an outfit. I can probably wear an all black outfit with a huge black bow on a head and WA LA! Fierce

Head apparel was a big part of New York Fashion week. Here are a few examples out of many you can find

Marc by Marc Jacobs

Betsey Johnson
Alexander Wang

Twenty8Twelve from London Fashion Week

I incorporated my boyfriends Jade necklace into my outfit today. I like wearing it because its one of his family treasures so it makes me feel special =).

I’ve seen in a few Magazines and in an article of Who What Wear that you can see here Jade nails. I think there really something different from the usual darker colors a lot of us slowly transition to for fall. I’m definitely going to try this out.

Chanel has the pink jade as well but I’m going for the green.

Another Item I like for Fall are long cloaks/long sweaters, sort of like the long hoodie I’m wearing above. I guess we’re all still going through Vampire Mania even though most of the Hot modern ones don’t wear cloaks only Dracula does but I still like them a lot.


OO and Thank you to Maria from Chicisimo for featuring me on her site. If you aren’t familiar with Chicisimo check it out there pretty great.

And P.S to those of you who have received your gla.MAR.ous headbands thanks for your thank you letters they make me smile, I would love to keep hearing your feedback or seeing pictures.


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61 Responses to >Head Over Heels

  1. jaassnnaa says:

    >cool outfit like it

  2. Patty Ann says:

    >i just received your headband in the mail!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks so much!!! i'm definitely going to be wearing it, and i already wore it to my school interview, i think it went really well so your headband must be very lucky!! love your outfit!!!xxxAlphaBetaChic.blogspot.com

  3. E says:

    >I thought you were MK Olsen in the first pic (I mean that in the most flattering way possible, if you don't like her). I love the big cardigan and the headband!!!

  4. >I just got my headband today!!! I LOVE it! I seriously cannot wait to start pairing it with outfits!

  5. mom & son says:

    >i love this classy gypsy inspired look of you!the headband is just so cutee!http://momfashionworld.blogspot.com/

  6. Anna G says:

    >I want those nail polishes!! They both look lovely.

  7. >I love this outfit! That headband looks so glamorous on you. Very nice. 🙂

  8. Delmy says:

    >Love the headband!

  9. >Hi Nubia! Thanks for the birthday wishes! Just want to say I'm with you on headbands^^ As you probably could tell I love my gossip girl and headbands! xo Erin

  10. >Hi Nubia, thanks to you! I love your sense of style:) xoxomaria

  11. une petite says:

    >love your headband ! and the chanel jade green… magnifique !!!

  12. >Darlin- you look GLAMOROUS (pun intended) in your headband. I so agree with you. Blair is not Blair without her headband. I want a giant bow headband now!

  13. >great heelsfashionbyhe.blogspot.com

  14. yiqin; says:

    >The headpieces are AMAZING.

  15. Eyeliah says:

    >you look so sassy, I like the idea of mixing soft pieces with some edge like those leggings and heels!

  16. Damsels says:

    >I'm starting to get back in to headbands actually .

  17. >hi beautiful! you ready for the weekend? woohoo!you look gorgeous as always! loving your headwear. i myself adore headwear and would wear it more often if it didn't give me a headache! it won't stop me though! mwaaa

  18. Anna says:

    >I loveee the outfit! And you make our shared headband look so cute!I just got mine in the mail today! Thanks so much, I'm posting pictures and information about it now and I love it!

  19. Midtown Girl says:

    >I absolutely love your outy and think you are the cutest thing in the world!!Just received my headband (ps – tell Mary besides the fab headband, her logo & design are DELISH) and will post pics over the wkdn – ANDI am borrowing the Chanel Jade if you get it – or just come over and we can make a mani/wine evening out of it!!XOXO Amy

  20. Valencia Lia says:

    >Adore the 1st photo ! You look so beautiful,like a model !! heeeeeI love this hippie yet edgy chic look:) Ohhhhh,the zipper headband. Ahhhhh,can't wait to receive mine and play around with it.Will sure to send you photos when I've got it <3Jades always have the most beautiful green you'll see and I WANT those heels!You should wear a huge bow on your head,way cool!Head wear is getting so much attention on the runway,I have to stock up on my collection ❤ ❤

  21. Flightless says:

    >I love headbands too! So much so that I make and sell them :o) If you're interested: http://flightless.etsy.com

  22. beckyxoxo says:

    >wow you look so great ! i'm in love with your shoes . haha . and i haven't received the headband . ugh i live so far away . and btw congrats for the featured ! 🙂

  23. Jacqueline says:

    >you look so great in that headband. I love your style and your blog. Let me know if you want to exchange links on your blog roll.Jacquelinexoxowww.fashionsnag.com

  24. ThatTeen says:

    >you look so glamerous! and I the jade necklace equals LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!And thank you v much for commenting on my blog! It's muchly apprecaited, xo.

  25. Ela says:

    >I hope you had a fabulous dinner hon! You look fabulous as always. And yes, I'm ALL for headpieces :)Happy weekend, Nubia!xx

  26. R. says:

    >That's so special that you're wearing your boyfriend's jade necklace. So sweet. I love your top too.

  27. Kristin says:

    >You look so fab. Love the headband and red lips especially!

  28. Glendy says:

    >I compeltely agree with you, It's all about Hair accessories, I love headbands, hats you name it from ghetto clips to fancy facinators 🙂

  29. Maya says:

    >iam not headband girl, but i so in love with those heels 🙂 xxwww.forkandfabrics.blogspot.com

  30. PinkBow says:

    >i especially love the top pic! i'm hoping to get hold of the jade nail varnish too but have a feeling this one will sell out fast!

  31. >Your headband is fabulous! I cant wait for my jade nail varnish to come, I think it will make a great contrast to the usual A/W colours!Pearl x

  32. Tiffany says:

    >wow! your headband is awesome! love it :)and i love your red lipstick as welll hehehe

  33. marb says:

    >thank you thank you thank you!!!!here is something small for you!!http://betterahead.blogspot.com/its a post for you!!love marb!

  34. Martynique says:

    >I very like these varnishesawesome shoes

  35. Ashley says:

    >I am in love with your headband and shoes!!-Ashleyhttp://breakfastatsaks.blogspot.com

  36. Christen says:

    >You look crazy cool. Loving this whole look!

  37. WendyB says:

    >You look like royalty with that fabulous headband.

  38. Fashion Pix says:

    >I agree with you, Dan is just totally wrong lolThe headband looks beautiful on you!!

  39. >How much fun to pamper up to a detail… Your headband looks very chic on you!

  40. meraldia says:

    >Great headband and outfit!xxxxx

  41. Keith says:

    >Hey there. I really enjoyed your post. I hope you've had a fantastic weekend. Take care. Have a wonderful week ahead. Cheers!

  42. >Your headband looks amazing! And unless you already have don't buy the Chanel nail polish! I bought the white one when that came out a couple of seasons ago and it was really disappointing – I put literally about four coats on and it still wasn't coming up a good white.Let me know if you've got it already and you found the same thing! 🙂 x

  43. >I'm in 100% agreeance with you.. headbands definately have the ability to make a simple outfit a fabulous one!! Although i must say you'd look fab in the above outfit with or without it!

  44. tiltumaria says:

    >fab look! yay i literally JUST got that headband in the post (like two minutes ago) Thanks again honey!xoxox

  45. Jacqueline says:

    >I just added you to my blog roll as well! Thank you for the add =)xoxowww.fashionsnag.com

  46. >you look awesome darling! I agree, headbands and other accessories can totally make an outfit. Red lipstick helps too!

  47. katie d says:

    >loving you in a headband. You look amazing… how did these people snag the gla.mar.ous ones?? I'm jealous!!x.katie

  48. Etrapar says:

    >great outfit darling ^.^kissesPS: hope you had fun

  49. Lynn says:

    >head gear definitely makes an outfit really special. haven't been looking into some but fall/winter definitely makes it a necessity.you look awesome as usual! 🙂

  50. Lilli says:

    >I love the shoes!!!! And i got my headband yesterday!!! Thank youuu sooo much! Check out the blog for your shout out.

  51. mango says:

    >thanks for the blogvisit!i love angry little asian girl/girls lol. NIce outfit!

  52. >thanks for dropping by on my blog dear 🙂 you look great!!!thesourcherry.com

  53. >amazing! this look is seriously stunning. love the liquid leggings and your headband is a great touch. oh and thanks for your comment on my 'groovy' outfit :)xo.princesspolitico

  54. Niki B. says:

    >love this outfit! the headband is really cute. and i love that first look by marc by marc. xo

  55. Beki says:

    >love the skinney jeans, the red is awesome!http://www.nearstyle.blogspot.com

  56. piglet says:

    >Love those bright red jeans!

  57. >love the red jeans and boots!:)

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