>Pretty In Pink

>Yesterday I attended Deanne’s from Dreamsequins pre fashion week meet up in Debut NYC. It was such a lovely event. I had a nice time meeting people, sipping on wine, and looking at some great pieces of clothing made by emerging designers. I didn’t take pictures at the event unfortunately because I forgot my camera but I did take some pictures before I left the house.

Blazer: vintage, Oxford Shoes: Fioni, Skirt: Topshop, Cami: Forever 21

This was actually from the event, you can see more of the lovely pictures on DreamSequins
( I, Deanne from Dreamsequins, Mary from gla.MAR.ous)

Sorry for the lack of post lately. I’ve been busy working on side projects that hopefully I can share with you soon, and I was also without a camera for a few days. But I will be posting more this week. I’m so excited that I’ve finally been changing up my outfits due to the fresher weather here in NYC. I’ve been pulling out more blazers and light jackets and I LOVE IT!!

P.S come back soon and see where I go for Fashion Night Out! xoxo

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56 Responses to >Pretty In Pink

  1. >Wow! These bloggers get together meet-ups always sound and look like so much fun! I wish we had them here in Boston…unless we do? I wouldn't know anyway because I am still pretty new to this blogging world. I love what you wore to the event! I talked to DreamSequins and she said that she was stressing out for Fashion Week because there's a lot to do and so little time to do it in! Favorite piece from your ensemble? Definitely the blazer for the small little details such as the length and the color and the buttons. I also like the contrast between your printed skirt and the blazer! Super chic! check out my trendy blog!http://thetrendydwarf.blogspot.com/

  2. Glendy says:

    >That Blazer is AMAZING, love your style girl 😉 Oh hopefully I'll you see at the IFB event, oh are you gonna try to catch a glimpse of Anna tomorrow?Much love always,Glendy

  3. Rose says:

    >Awesome blazer, you pull this outfit off really well! I love your shoes too.Rose

  4. Leia says:

    >I love love love the colors in your outfit!

  5. >Hi Nubia,i love the colors of your outfit! Especially the skirt, it lightens up your overall look, so vibrant & charming all together. It is such a joy to be able to meet up with other fellow bloggers and i hope one day we can meet up as well despite the distance.. im in Malaysia 😦 Anyways, nothing is impossible. See ya!

  6. >i love your look, the skirt is perfect, i like this type of skirt, and the colour of the jacket…i love it.fantastic look.

  7. theKcloset says:

    >Great outfit darling! I love the pink blazer – very nice looking, as always!xo

  8. Margaux. says:

    >Love love love the blazer!

  9. Anna G says:

    >I love how you did your makeup. I love the pink blazer. 🙂 BTW, I totally check out FNO, especially the ones with free food and champagne, if I wasn't stuck in the midwest.

  10. >Cute dog and I wish I could have been there!

  11. Stacy says:

    >LOVE your pink blazer, absolutely gorgeous!seems like that wouldve been so funhttp://fashionhandglide.blogspot.com

  12. Piglet says:

    >Fantastic bright pink blazer! I love your skirt too.

  13. Valencia Lia says:

    >Girl,you're back !! Heeee Been looking forward to your next post :)Ohhhh my,love love this outfit ! The pink blazer is SOOOO hot,and the skirt which I adore . You look stunning with your hair back and I love the makeup.So cool you got to attend an event and meeting other bloggers ! I'll surely check back for FNO ! I saw it and wanted to go. But I'm all the way on the other side of the world 😦

  14. Anna says:

    >I LOVE THE BLAZER! So cute and a great look. I can't wait to see where you went for Fashion's Night Out! I was planning on going out but I didn't have anyone to go with and I have a psych test tomorrow. UGH.

  15. Damsels says:

    >wow you dressed so weel. itotally want to go to this but i couldnt … i was so upset 😦 i had nothnig to wear anyway but i felt like cinderella except no one came to my rescue to get me to the party on time lol

  16. >love the blazerthe chihuahueñoand the cowboy bebop poster!! hahaxxwww.inspirations.co.nr

  17. >this is such a gorgeous outfit on you, I especially adore the hot pink blazer and your black oxford shoes. Stunning!

  18. Anonymous says:

    >I love your blazer. great look

  19. Elaine says:

    >Love your blazer! It's so amazing!clothedmuch.blogspot.com

  20. Kat says:

    >Hi there! You look fabulous in that outfit…love your pink blazer and lip color!Nice to see stylish bloggers meet up! Thanks for sharing!

  21. Patty Ann says:

    >meetups look like funyou have to share more pics with usand tell us about your projects when you canyour outfit is lovelyand cute dog!xxxxxAlphaBetaChic.blogspot.com

  22. >I adore vintage clothing And try to treasure them. I really like this blazer a lot, one of my favorite vintage ones is the one I had in this post herehttp://nubiasnonsense.blogspot.com/2009/08/vintage-love-3.html#commentsthanks everyone you are all very kind

  23. Dylana says:

    >I love your skirt and the blazer. Amazing color combos!colormenana.blogspot.com

  24. June Paski says:

    >love ur pink blazer!no , I haven'twhat kind of music genres ?I will check it outxxx

  25. Emilie says:

    >Love your pink blazer! I ADORE this outfit!!!!

  26. >Great outfit, Sounds like a super fun night!

  27. >Ooh, the puffed heart necklace makes another appearance. I adore that piece. And your earrings…I die! You look so lovely and professional in these pictures. I'm so glad that you had a good time! 🙂

  28. Ela says:

    >You look fabulous, Nubia! Glad you had a wonderful time at the event.And your last post – oh my, your blouse is so gorgeous and I love the neutral palette. You look stunning.Happy weekend, hon 🙂

  29. >Gorgeous, darling! Love the blazer!xoxox,CC

  30. >Ooops I commented on the wrong post! What I meant to say here was:Love this outfit! I'm going to NY next week on the 16th – I'm excited! If you've got the time I'd love to know what you'd recommend seeing or doing! 🙂 x

  31. xtinagirl says:

    >Sorry for the lack of posting? No way-I'm the one who's been completely MIA still. But you can find me under a pile of book and papers! :)I love your outfit, it's so bright and happy! Have a wonderful time this week Nubia!-xtinawww.thisisxtina.blogspot.com

  32. the Rynham says:

    >you look amazing as always. i love how you go for the bold colors and always pull it off! so cool-JB

  33. >wow splash of so many colors, youlook adorable honey like always!i love the pink blazer, that gives it a cool edge !

  34. Giovanna ♥ says:

    >I love your skirt!!! The whole outfit is gorgeous!!Have a lovely weekend!xoxoGiovannahttp://www.bohomarket.blogspot.com

  35. nookie says:

    >aww how cool that you girls met!love your outfits

  36. Blicious says:

    >how fun!! you look great!! xoxo

  37. >I love the third photo where you can see you makeup, you have such a chic 80's colourful look its amazing! Have fun at Fash Week xhttp://fashionpearlsofwisdom.blogspot.com

  38. Delmy says:

    >I love this…you have beautiful eyes…Thank so much for the sweet comment! XO

  39. >GREAT OUTFIT!I love the contrasting colours and the floral of the skirt! chic!http://www.thestarvingstylist.com

  40. jen says:

    >Love that colorful skirt

  41. Danielle says:

    >This outfit is so colorful, I have a hard time feeling confident in mixing color. But you definitely can!

  42. Christen says:

    >Awesome look! I love the color of that jacket! You pull it off so well 🙂

  43. Anonymous says:

    >The oxfords and bright blazer are my favorite.

  44. beckyxoxo says:

    >i super love this outfit ! the colors are great . love your blazer and skirt 🙂

  45. Gabbi says:

    >Great outfit dear Nubia, how fun to meet your fellow fashionistsas!

  46. Gerri Ward says:

    >Nubia, OMG! I luv this outfit! From head to toe YOU are solely FABULOUS!!!:)HAPPY WEEKEND!

  47. >I love your blazer! Fabulous color.

  48. yiqin; says:

    >I totally need a colored balzer!!

  49. >the shocking pink blazer really got me drool! also love your skirt.thanks for you comment on my blog 🙂

  50. MDSTYLING says:

    >Oh damn, you ROCK this pink blazer!You look so pretty ( as always)!

  51. >lovee the blazer!xoxox romylicious.blogspot.com

  52. Simes. says:

    >Loved your outfit! The shoes and the blazer are amazing!Thanks for stopping by.Love, A&A.

  53. simplychic says:

    >perfect outfit! that bright pink is gorge on you.

  54. Ediot says:

    >I LOVE your fierce colour combo. its so hot!

  55. >LOVE this outfit – you look amazing!x

  56. Samantha says:

    >Wow, great outfit!

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