>While I was doing some online window shopping, I bumped into Top Shop’s Fall 09 line. The season was divided into four themes: Marianne, Highland Fling, Manhattan Cocktail and Horror Girl.

I’m really digging the Horror Girl theme. It’s ensemble looks retro. I’ve read people think its based off Twilight but Top shop claims its based off Hammers “House of Horror”.

What Do you think? See more here. The whole dead walking amoung the living direction excites me! and Hammer’s House of Horror is Classic.


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8 Responses to >TOP SHOP FALL 09

  1. Kim says:

    >I love Top Shop. They have such great finds.

  2. Sherin says:

    >Interesting. I can't wait to see them in the shops.

  3. >absolutely my fave store!!iyamwww.styleandbeyond.blogspot.com

  4. >I know! isn't it a great store. I cant wait to go this week. Thanks for the comments ❤

  5. >iam so in love with this collection! everything is amazing here!!xoisquisofrenia!

  6. Damsels says:

    >i am in love with that shiny purple top shop skirt from the top shop collection .

  7. Elaine says:

    >WOW. All those pieces are so amazing just by themselves!!!!clothedmuch.blogspot.com

  8. Maria Confer says:

    >Their fall line looks amazing.

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