>Marc Jacobs has released two new political T-shirts with a rather straight forward message “I pay my taxes, I want my rights”. The T-shirt on the right with the lesbian couple is my favorite. They are wearing little black dresses and heels, classic! You can find these shirts at 385 Bleecker Street for $24. I think I’m going to try to get my hands on one. What do you think?


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Fashion is Rad and so am I.
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4 Responses to >I WANT MY RIGHTS!!

  1. Catherine says:

    >Those are awesome.

  2. Fashionista says:

    >oohh…love those t-shirts

  3. Mint Harvest says:

    >those t-shirts are really funny! im not sure i would personally wear one, but i like them a lot hahaOlivia

  4. >Hey guys!lol tell me about it, I want one but they are probably sold out =(

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