>Boyfriend Shirt

>If they are any of you like me out there that just have those days when you are feeling rather tired, and drained but still want to go out looking nice and Chic, there is nothing better than to steal AKA borrow your boyfriends shirt!!

There are many ways you can wear it. I sported this large Armani Exchange woven top below

I gave it a Feminine Touch with the belt. If you see my hair its kind of Messy and I think the look is kind of Grungy which I can always go for. It was fun to wear it with one sleeve down which made it look sexy.

Here’s a picture I stumbled upon of Kiera Knightly.
She wore It extremely laid back and didn’t give it the feminine touch I tried to give it but I still think it looks great. I have also seen it worn as a mini dress in some cases but its not something I’m very into. Definitely a style You can play with.

So be like me, Look good, Feel Comfy, Look Chic, and steal “borrow” your boyfriends clothing =)



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Fashion is Rad and so am I.
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One Response to >Boyfriend Shirt

  1. mar says:

    >love this look.so easy to put together!!

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