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>Glam Guards

> This weekend I went out to my friend’s birthday gathering. I was very excited to wear my Glam Guards. I had this idea in my head; I think I was channeling shin guards and ancient Egypt or a warrior/futuristic … Continue reading

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>Check Out..

>These great hot pink lace gloves I purchased at Forever 21. I Love Lace Gloves. I’m planning to incorporate them into my Decora girl outfit this Saturday at the Cherry Blossom Festival.

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>Touch vs Technology

> VSI am a big technology fan. I love gadgets! I am pretty addicted to my blackberry, I do everything on it. Last week while I was riding the Subway, I saw two individuals reading across from each other. One … Continue reading

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>LOVE YOUR GREEN (make up)

>Earth Month Is Awesome! I love that everyone is getting into treating our enviroment with care. Things should have been this way many years ago. If your Not involved, you really should look for a way to be. I went … Continue reading

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>Egg whites!

> Here I am in my office eating my breakfast before I head off to my meetings. EGG WHITES! They are very healthy for you, I thought I would share some facts.They are high in protein which is great! But … Continue reading

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>Crazy Cosplay!

>I am attending a Festival with my friend soon. Me and her were planning to put some “Cosplay” into action. For those who don’t know what Cosplay is, its short for Costume Role play. Its actually considered a type of … Continue reading

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>Balmain Beauty

>MY OH MY! As I was watching the Kelly Clarkson new video “I do not hook up” I was reminded of how amazing and beautiful these Balmain Studded Sandals are and just had to mention it. They are definitely on … Continue reading

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