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>Thor, American, Denim, Curious?

>Isn’t this shirt so rad? It’s all denim in the back with funky patch-work in the front… I thrifted it a while back for about 4 dollars haha #Score. I really don’t know why I’m so smitten over it to be honest. It gives me this All American/American Dream vibe or something of that sort… And yes, clothing does give me vibes!

Wearing thrifted top, H&M shorts, Express flats.

I was in an apparent messy hair don’t care mood yesterday… My roots are growing in and I’m really indecisive on what my next hair color or cut should be. I was thinking dark red with blonde highlights…maybe some side bangs… ehhhh. I’m not really sure. I’ve indeed been considering cutting my hair a bit short for some time now, But I’m in love with my current long hair so it’s rather difficult to decide.

Yesterday I also caught a late showing for THOR. My goshhhh this picture is selling him short but Chris Hemsworth was total eye candy in the film. Seriously, He has a million dollar smile and totally swooned Natalie Portman. He’s my new celebrity crush now that Wentworth Miller has been slacking. I guess I like Viking-ish looking men haha.
Anywho, The movie was really funny and way better than the last Iron Man movie. Just a bit of comic book chat and Oh! It even had a cameo by the great Stan Lee! I think Stan Lee is the coolest eldery man out there! My number 2 is Clint Eastwood.

Ok…. So I’m just blabbing now. You can spot me in Brooklyn tonight… Out partying like a rockstar somewhere ;-).


Xo Nubia Xo

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>Armani dresses Megan Fox in Passion Play

>OK So I don’t think I’ve ever made a Giorgio Armani Post for some reason but I fancy these sketches. Not to mention Megan Fox is looking ravishing in that gold shimmery number… Seriously, drop dead gorgeous. I know a lot of people think she’s overrated and blablabla but she’s looking amazing right here.

I haven’t seen Passion Play and from what I’ve heard it didn’t get the shabbiest reviews. It Starr’s Megan Fox, Mickey Rourke and Bill Murray. In all honesty, I would consider giving the film a chance because I love Mickey Rourke’s acting techniques and he made a pretty impressive comeback. Bill Murray is up there on my actors list as well.

Megan Fox images are courtesy of Image Entertainment, while Armani’s sketches are courtesy of Giorgio Armani.

This is the summary I got off IMBD: “An angel under the thumb of a ruthless gangster is saved by a trumpet player down on his luck.”
The trailer makes the film looks interesting and I LOVE Megan Fox’s hair!

Xo Nubia Xo

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>Tie Dye, Oh My!

>Nothing like some good ol tie-dye remind me Spring/Summer is here. I mean seriously, When do you see tie dye in Winter? Anywho… There’s something special about tie-dye that brings me back to hippie cultures I’ve only experienced through movies… It’s almost appropriate to be lounging up against a tree somewhere with a good book appreciating nature OR I could just be partying somewhere on a tour bus with some rad individuals Hmmm decisions, decisions…

Wearing: H&M shorts and hat, Gifted top from Japan, Joe’s Jeans wedges from shopbop, Gifted Ravishing Jewelry necklace.

For my make-up here I went with the strong eyes/simple lip look. My shadow is from Urban Decay and I’m using a Loreal gel eyeliner. The lip color is “Provocative Nude” by Rimmel London.

Bambi was just chillen in the back. My mini partner in crime.

What article of clothing or trend makes you feel like summer is here? I’m looking forward to seeing Converse and Toms floating around in massive quantities. Also, Effortless looking yet gorgeous ensembles. I think when an outfit doesn’t seem so planned it’s refreshing. I like to think of it like… Care-free fashion season, As oppossed to more constructed Fall wardrobes in NYC.


Xo Nubia Xo

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>Odor Etiquette: An NYC Subway Tale

>Greetings Dear Readers,

Now the title might have you a bit…. baffled, But I’m just keeping it real.

I was on the Subway last week, and it was sure starting to get stinky. We’ve just started getting full on Spring-like weather here in NYC… I couldn’t believe it! I’m not trying to come off as mean or heartless. I know some people suffer from conditions and such. Most situations however, have a matter in which they can be handled.

You see, I feel for the people with a condition because it must be rough living with it. I DO NOT feel bad for people who are just lazy and forgetful! Shame on you! Do you know how hard it is to take a 45 minute Subway ride with stinky people floating around in the carts? SOME ONE HAS TO SAY IT. Everyones allowed to slip one day, but C’mon! Seriously. Then, It’s real funny when you see people nonchalantly trying to smell themselves hoping that strange odor is coming from them ha ha I think that must have happened to everyone at least once, Don’t lie.

In honor of some horrid Subway rides I’ve had to deal with… Here are some tips for staying fresh in Spring/Summer.

  • Wear loose clothing: When you wear tight clothing, your body might feel a bit uncomfortable. Try breathable fabrics like cotton.
  • Use scent free deodorant: Scented deodorant is not your friend! It will give you a musty smell. On top of that, when you buy an expensive perfume you want the amazing smell you paid for correct? Many people don’t know that scented deodorant clashes with your perfume and changes the scent! I kid you not my friend… ‘Tis true.
  • Wash your clothing regularly: I say this for obvious reasons. We all prefer to smell Downy not the aftermath from your Soccer game (hehe).
  • Don’t stress so much, Chill homie: This might be difficult for a few people but it’s nice to try. Stress causes anxiety-anxiety causes sweat-sweat is problematic at moments. Besides, being stressed sucks… I KNOW.
  • Carry around gum or mints: This goes out to all my garlic, curry, etc. lovers. I love foods with strong smells as well. Mints will save the day! Think about meetings and such you might have later in the day too.
  • Apply lotion or baby powder after your showers: This will keep your skin feeling fresh. Powder helps out so you don’t get rashes and lotion hydrates the skin and also gives off a pleasurable smell.
  • Drink plenty of water and tea: Water keeps you hydrated and many teas have antibacterial herbs.

I’m not singling any one out, I use these as well. I believe if more people took these simple suggestions under consideration our noses would have more pleasant days/trips.

XO Nubia XO

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>Katherine Kwei Autumn/Winter ’11 and Charmco

>Earlier this week I was invited to The Thompson in LES to preview Katherine Kwei’s Autumn/Winter ’11 collection as well as Charmco’s 14k gold charm collection.

It was such a lovely event. I was sold on going when I read there was going to be Dim Sum there ha ha I LOVE Dim Sum! There was such a warm, collective vibe in the room. Tea, Dim Sum, Wine, A tea leaf reader which was pretty dead on with a lot of things freakishly and more. I grabbed my glass of wine (typical Nubia behavior) and was eager to view the collections.

I am a fan of Katherine Kwei. I was introduced to her line a few years back when one of my close friends interned for her. I seriously adore her signature knot’s, They add a certain architecture to her collections. Her Autumn/Winter line has a lot of colors/print and a rocker vibe to them. They’re very edgy and absolutely an item I wouldn’t mind hanging off my shoulder. Let me not forget to mention that Katherine is so freaken amazingly sweet. When I meet a designer and they’re personable and kind it makes me lust over their collection even more, so YAY for that!

The bags above where one of my favorite styles.

This was my first time being introduced to Charmco and I’m very pleased. They have some very distinguished options and I think they would make great gifts because you can make them personal. I think charm bracelets in general are very personal because you can pick and choose the charms based on a persons personality which = perfect gift.

The people at Charmco were super attentive as well. They had such variety, it was amusing looking at the bracelets.

Charmco also had a station set up where you got to select a charm and they put it on a leather string for you to construct bracelet! How very kind. You can see mine below.
I mentioned Dim Sum… Correct? ha ha ok, ok, I’ll stop.

The event had a station set up where you learned how to make your very own Chinese Knot bracelets. I didn’t participate in this activity but I saw some people that did and they made kick-ass bracelets. It was very crafty.
Lastly every one invited got to walk away with this free gift from Katherine Kwei. It was such a pleasant surprise.
If you like what you see, Make sure to check out Katherine Kwei and Charmco.

Thanks for reading!

Xo Nubia Xo

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>Atlantic City Birthday Bliss.

>Hello sweets,

Last week it was my friend Mary’s birthday. Woooo chea chea! Anyway, We went to celebrate in Atlantic City at Dusk. It was a fun night. We started pregaming in the room with beers and vodka which lead to some light gambling and lot’s of dancing. My boyfriend George visited me which was pretty cool. He was there playing a tournament and he’s a former WSOP ring holder (Just saying) ha ha. I went to the club, dropped it like it’s hot, stole ya girl, turned my swag on, my hands went up (pause) and they stayed there!! You following me? Good. Oh, and I taught you how to dougie ;-).

I didn’t bring my SLR to the club with me, so these are just some random photos my friend Pam took.

Great times. However, the real juicyness started on our way home. Mary was driving her car and about 20 mintues out of A.C. we caught a flat tire! It was a nightmare. We had to pull over by some odd looking fertilized grass and wait there. I hate bugs and Mary was telling me that my body was going to be taken over by deer ticks and that I’d catch lime disease and die! Well…. She said something along those lines. After that I thought birthday over!!! and I hated her for like 5 whole mintues because my whole body started itching all over. About 5 minutes after that I loved her again though, so it’s all good.

My boyfriend kept begging me to stop wondering off because he claimed there was bears in the woods that would eat me. A few minutes after that we saw a freaken hawk in the sky, Yes, A HAWK. I’m from N.Y. and I never see freaken hawks. It was very pretty though. All of us eventually started talking about UFO’s and shapeshifters and freaky paranormal events. Have you seen those UFO video’s on youtube? well do yourself a favor and if you haven’t DON’T! But if you’re interested I could mail you a link Muahahah (evil laugh)

Alright I’m blabbing on now. After about 4 hours of crap we all finally arrived home and we lived happily ever after!

Xo Nubia Xo

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